Friday, March 23, 2012

Indian Women Can Claim in Marital Property in Divorce

Indian Women Can Claim in Marital Property in Divorce:

Women could stake claim to marital property even if the property in their name. the government has proposed amendments to marriage loss under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. After this the courts can decide on how property acquired during the marriage.

The Marriage Laws (amended)bill seeks to amend the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and Special Marriage Act 1954.

Now the Ld. Judges can decide how property acquired after marriage is to be disposed of. the court can also decide amount either husband or wife would pay to get right over the property.

In this amendment adopted children will have same rights as normal children.

Sources: The Times Of India Dated 22/03/2012

:Adv. V.K.Singh :


  1. I am currently doing my PhD with my husband's consent in the US, while he lives in India. He is a professor and was the inspiration behind my PhD. In my absence, due to family pressure he filed a divorce case against me. I have no money to go to India more than once a year and he has not been providing any financial support. All my marital property is with my mother-in-law, and I have no proof it is mine.

    Is it possible that in my absence (since I am not able to appear in the court), a one sided decision can be taken by the court? I am unable to find a trustworthy lawyer in India (Bhopal) from here. Is there any way I can protect my marriage?

  2. You should find a Lawyer as soon as possible , Before the Case goes Negative by Your Side . If you Dont have Children & Also you are not Appear on the Court [ Even Single time ] - There Should be Possibilities for One Side Decision Against you .
    Its Better now to Decide Any one [ PHD or Family ] !
    If you doing PHD by your Husband Consent "[doing my PhD with my husband's consent ]" You should Show any Evidence Regarding about your Husband Consent on PHD to the Court . Compare to All , its better to go Compromise with your Husband [ Because your Side is very Weak ] & Leave the PHD.